Conservation Corps

“One of the reasons I chose to volunteer at Mount St. Helens was my connection to the land. My great-grandparents had a cabin near Ariel, and I spent a lot of time there as a child. The first place I volunteered at was Ape Cave—a place I had visited a hundred times as a child. So it was meaningful to me to help improve it.”

- Katherine Bilyeu, MSHI Conservation Corps & Mountain Steward Volunteer

Since 2004, our Conservation Corps volunteers have helped repair numerous facilities, remove dozens of acres of noxious weeds and repair and maintain over 400 miles of trails.  These energetic folks – including families, college students, recreational groups and scouts – undertake countless other outdoor activities to protect and conserve the Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument.  Volunteers will gain an understanding of trail maintenance methods, safe tool usage techniques, Leave No Trace ethics and will get a workout that is ‘cheaper than a gym membership.’

There are so many trails around Mount St. Helens that need our maintenance and it is the help from our volunteers that keep our public lands safe and accessible for the public.  The scenic views, hard work, personal connections and fulfillment you receive while doing conservation work are unmatched.  Our Conservation Corps programs range from single day events all the way to eight-day backcountry trail work projects.  Each area and each trail has a different story to tell: the more areas you volunteer to work in, the stronger your connection to the land.

All projects include training!

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For more information, email Volunteer Programs Manager Allison Watson at or phone at 360.891.5199